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True Story: I Met Demi Lovato And My Legs Are Still Shaking

'My feet still haven't touched the ground,' says super fan Nathan Tunbridge.

Demi Lovato is famous for being good to her Lovatics. But on Tuesday, she went above and beyond for an Australian SL (SuperLovatic) named Nathan Tunbridge.

Nathan -- a 24-year-old venue manager -- was already freaking out after he got to see Lovato for the first time during her show in Sydney on Saturday night. Like, Stanning so hard, "squealing like a bitch" and singing the lyrics so fiercely that another fan said he was "the best thing about the show," Nathan told MTV News. Things were good.

But then they got so ridiculously awesome he still can't describe it without losing his breath. Let's take it back a second, though.

"Being a Demi fan, I knew she was going to arrive in the country [last week] and I went on Twitter at work and I tweeted asking if anyone knew about her arrival," he said. Tunbridge saw that Aussie radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O were looking for Demi's biggest Australian fans, so he sent an email telling them why he was #1. And then... nothing.

Eventually someone called and asked him to explain why he thought he was her top fan -- and what he would do if he met her.

"I had a sneaking suspicion something was up, but I didn't want to get my hopes up," he said. After the fourth call, though, the station asked him to come in on Monday to film a fan video that they would play for Demi when she came in to their studio on Tuesday.

Hopefully, the radio folks said, she'd be so impressed with his answers that she'd want to hop on the phone with him and chat.

Demi wrote a very sweet message in Nathan's copy of 'Staying Strong.'

At the time, the radio hosts told him that, unfortunately, Demi had to take an early flight out and it was a shame they couldn't meet, but he just tried to film the best fan video possible anyway.

“I think the most amazing thing is I’m a better person for being a fan of hers," he said in the clip filmed for the station. The Aussie first fell in love with Demi in 2008 when he saw her on "Camp Rock" -- and has followed her ups and downs ever since. "I really feel like I’m better off. She has changed my life for the better. She’s all about owning your insecurities, loving yourself and just, you know, being who you are."

So sweet. The chance to tell Demi how he felt was certainly a once-in-a-lifetime one.

"As it turned out, [the experience] was a million times better," Tunbridge said. "My feet still haven't touched the ground. It's just been an incredible few days."

As soon as he stopped filming his video, Demi walked out and Nathan said his heart just stopped. Completely.

She also signed all the swag he brought along.

"It's so weird," he recalled. "Even thinking about it now it didn't feel real until I saw the video from [a different] perspective. This person who I idolized for so many years just barged [in] and I stood up and she went in for a hug and then I held back. When they said to give her a hug, I asked if I could have permission to touch her. When she was walking toward me I was just in complete and utter disbelief and shock."

Nathan said during the hug he saw a "flashing montage of everything she's done -- every TV show and video." He remembers his whole body trembling when he posed for some photos and his legs shaking so hard Demi kept telling him he was fine and that he didn't have to keep calling her "Demi Lovato."

The SuperLovatic told us that he can't stop staring at the copy of "Staying Strong" that Demi signed and kissed. "It's [amazing] receiving something like that from someone you idolize who has been touched by the hand of God," he said.