Melissa Brooks

Slipping In Goo With Charli XCX, Hating On High School, Meet Your New #WCW: The Aquadolls

You need to get stoked on Melissa Brooks ASAP.

Coming up short on Cs this #WCW (that's Woman Crush Wednesday)? First, read a book or something -- second, you need to check out the Aquadolls, whose lead singer Melissa Brooks is totally worthy of crushing on today and any other day this week.

The California band put out their debut record, Stoked On You, in December of 2014 on Burger Records (whose entire catalogue you should buy RIGHT NOW) -- and has toured with the likes of Kate Nash, Jenny Lewis, La Sera and tons of other badass ladies.

Get to know Melissa in our Q&A below -- and cop some of her favorite stage looks in the process!

MTV: So how did you all form? Where did the Aquadolls come from?

Melissa Brooks: I have my boyfriend Ryan playing guitar and then my two friends playing bass and the drums. But yeah, I started this band in late 2012 when I just graduated from high school. ... I just had this idea to, like, write these silly songs that will take over the world. And that’s basically what I’ve been doing. I’ve just been playing shows and just had an album [Stoked On You] out since December and it’s been a good time.

Glitter Queen: Basically this is an outfit I would wear to sparkle and shine on stage. I feel like glitter is a girl’s best friend. Some people say glitter is the herpes of arts and crafts because it like gets stuck on you, you know? But I’m OK with that. I don’t mind sparkling all the time, I think it’s fun.

MTV: And you were also in Charli XCX's 'Break The Rules' video, right?

Brooks: Yes, I was. I had pretty weird dance moves in the video -- I was so excited. At the end, they kind of put me in the back because I think I was already in a lot of shots because I kept running in front of the camera and the camera guy was just like, ‘Uhhhh.’

Then, when they poured the slime, I pushed my way to the front and probably got the most covered in slime -- next to Charli. Like, me and her were the most slimed out of anyone and she fell because it was super slippery. She fell and then I helped her up and then I fell and she helped me up. Total cute moment. Then, right after, she was like, 'OK, bye,’ and got cutely taken away on this golf cart while everyone else was standing around dripping in goo.

MTV: And your songs? About hot skater dudes and all that? Are they about anyone in particular?

Brooks: A lot of the songs on my record are about [my boyfriend]. When I met him, I was writing the record. I actually wrote this mostly in 2012 and 2013 and we recorded it on April 12, 2013. So, the two-year anniversary of the recording just came up. So, it’s like, ‘Yay!’

School Girl From Hell: Basically, it’s like a Goth Lolita '90s-inspired outfit. The choker is more Goth with the mesh top. It’s like a more dark but fun look. What you would want to wear to scare someone and be cute at the same time.

MTV: What about the song 'Tweaker Kidz' -- about kids trying out drugs and all that?

Brooks: That song is not necessarily a true story. I wrote that song actually when I was in high school. In my Spanish class, I was the only senior in a freshman/sophomore level class. [I think] they kind of looked up to me or they thought I was funny or something.

One day in class I wrote 'Tweaker Kidz' and I just wrote it as a poem and I read it out loud and they were like, ‘Ha ha ha, that’s so funny!’ And I’m like, ‘I’m going to make this a song.’

So, it’s about stupid kids in high school trying to get high off of, like, Dreft and stupid things that you shouldn’t get high off. It’s a silly song.

MTV: Would you say you're talking to teens with your music?

Brooks: My fans are all really young -- like 12 to 17. But I wrote a majority of the album when I was in high school or was just coming out of high school. I definitely wrote it from a teen’s perspective because that’s what I was. I just turned 21 now, so I’m a little bit older. I just wanted Stoked On You to be a fun album and not to be taken too seriously.

Melissa Brooks

Barbie Doll: Kind of like Lana Del Rey meets vintage Barbie. It’s just girly but fun and badass at the same time. I'd wear this on stage for any show really.

MTV: So... did you like high school?

Brooks: Oh no, I hated it. I hate school. I hate school so much. High school is the worst. I mean, looking back it was kind of fun, but at the time I was in high school I wanted to die. It was just so bad. I hated everyone and everyone hated me and it was just, like, really weird.

But now these people are hitting me up and asking for tickets to my show. Literally, it’s like, ‘Don’t even go there.’ Like, ‘Hey, weren’t you mean to me that one time?’

MTV: And how did you get hooked up with Burger Records?

Brooks: I’ve known about Burger Records since high school. Actually, in between classes, I would ride my razor scooter over to them and help out in the store. This is when I was recording the very first EP and I was like, 'Heyyyy, you’re going to love it. I’m going to give you my CD.’ They’re like ‘OK, bring it in.’

When we finished it I brought them the CD and then two hours later they called me on the phone and they’re like ‘You’re coming into the shop -- we’re going to put out your cassette.'

Psychedelic Love: This one is based off of a song I’m writing for my new album. I’m working on a solo album right now and 'Psychedelic Love' is one of the songs I’m writing.

MTV: So what would you tell a fellow kid who hates high school and wants to be in a band?

Brooks: Go for it. Don’t let anyone tell you no. If they do, you can just prove them wrong by doing it yourself.