13 Pictures That Prove Paris Hilton’s Dog Had Anything But A Simple Life

Forever in our hearts.

Paris Hilton's beloved canine companion Tinkerbell died of old age this week, leaving the socialite heartbroken.

The adorable dog and Paris have been through a lot together over the past 14 years: hitting red carpets, appearing on the "Simple Life" -- and just basically being constant companions.

But Tinkerbell's life was anything but simple, so let's take a look back at 13 of her most glamorous moments.

  1. Working the Runway At Fashion Week
  2. Surfer Chick
  3. Hitting Up The Golden Globes Suite
  4. Making Her 'Tonight Show' Appearance
  5. Reality TV Star
  6. Paris' Book Signing
  7. NBD, Just Hosting 'Saturday Night Live'
  8. Showing Her Pride At The LA Pride Parade
  9. Front Row Fashion
  10. Getting Some Airport Love
  11. Courtside Cutie
  12. Model Life
  13. When She Met Britney Spears