Is This Amy Schumer Skit The Most Perfect Rape Culture Satire Ever?

Answer: Yep!

Comedy goddess Amy Schumer was back in everyone's living room Tuesday night (April 21) with the premiere of the new season of "Inside Amy Schumer," and this morning, her biting, hilarious "Friday Night Lights" spoof is the skit that everyone's talking about.

In it, Schumer plays the Tami Taylor-esque wife of a new small-town football coach, a man who ruffles a lot of feathers by doing things a little differently than his predecessor. For instance, he's going to lead the team in mastering a no-huddle offense.

And of course, there's also his new, controversial team policy of no raping, ever.

No, not even if it's Halloween and she's dressed as a sexy cat.

The skit also firmly resolves the oft-debated question about whether rape jokes can ever be funny (Answer: Yes, but unless you're blessed with Amy Schumer's razor-sharp wit, and Amy Schumer's comic timing, because you are in fact Amy Schumer, you probably won't pull it off and almost certainly shouldn't try.)