Michele Crowe

Proof Tyler Baltierra And His Little Girl Novalee Are Twinsies

Catelynn Lowell sure sees the sweet resemblance between the daddy-daughter duo!

Parents often tend to share their theories about whether their child looks more like Mom or Dad -- and if you ask Catelynn Lowell, her little girl Novalee is a carbon copy of her daddy Tyler Baltierra.

The young mama -- who is chronicling her pregnancy with Baby N on this season of "Teen Mom OG" and will welcome her bundle of joy on this week's upcoming episode -- shared a silly side-by-side snap of her beau and her precious peanut. And it was proof of the pair's sweet resemblance: There's no denying these two are related!

Catelynn Lowell's Instagram

"She is his twin," Cate captioned the collage-style Instagram snapshot above, which finds the darling daddy-daughter duo making matching funny expressions. This petite gal is starting to show off her personality -- and the facial mannerisms she inherited from her dad. Can you say "clones"?

Do you agree with Cate's assessment of Ty and Nova's shared physical appearance? Share your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to keep watching C, T and Baby N on "TMOG" every Monday at 10/9c. And for a throwback, watch the longtime couple dish about what it was really like when they learned that they were expecting.