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Fifth Harmony Helped A Fan's Prom Dreams Come True...Because She's 'Worth It'

The ladies can now say they're responsible for a truly EPIC promposal.

Fifth Harmony: superhuman pop stars, Lincoln Center-worthy dancers and, as of last night, verifiable matchmakers.

Last week, MTV announced that as part of "Promposal Mania," the fivesome would help one especially deserving Harmonizer orchestrate a truly EPIC promposal to reel in the date of her dreams. And when the time finally came for the ladies to make good on their word, they set into motion a connection that would have had Patti Stanger looking for a new day job.

Fifth Harmony's master plan would play out thusly: They'd make a teenage fan named Tristine believe she was receiving a special video package that would help her invite her crush Jane to prom. Instead, though, the flesh-and-blood 5H showed up to Tristine's house to organize the extra-special ask in person, and when the time finally came for Tristine to pop the question to Jane, the ladies served as her very supportive background singers, chanting "She's worth it!" Man, what an encouraging group -- think they could deal us some affirmations when it comes time to pay our cable bills?

So, did Jane say yes to Tristine, or did she hang her fellow Harmonizer out to dry? Check out the clip to see what happened!