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Say Goodbye To Justin Bieber's Long Hair — He Cut It All Off

Justin Bieber's hair: it's been platinum, it's been in a baby ponytail, it's been apologized for, and, now, it's gone.

Last night, JB posted this, um, rather obscured photo with the caption "This is gone." Considering the subject the photo is zoomed in on, it seems safe to assume the "this"—don't leave your modifiers dangling, Justin!!—is his hair, which he's been growing out for a while.

Then, Florido Basallo, a stylist at Nine Zero Nine salon posed this, um, equally as obscured photo with the caption, "Wait for it... @justinbieber." Why so coy, dudes?! Give us the results!!!!!

Fortunately, Justin was caught leaving the salon and despite his disguise—a blanket, to accompany the pillows he's used as diversions before—and, based on what's showing underneath his hat, it's def gone. Like, very closely shaved.

While we don't know what it looks like on the top yet, we will keep you update with any ~breaking~ hair updates. Though you've crushed our man bun dreams, Justin, we still love you.