'X-Men' Star Kodi Smit-McPhee Teases His Take On Nightcrawler

'His state of mind, his intention in life, is all very close to mine.'

With Reporting by Josh Horowitz

On sight alone, it's hard to imagine too many people having much in common with Kurt Wagner, the blue-skinned, three-fingered, tail-wagging, teleporting mutant who first premiered on screen in "X2: X-Men United." But that's not the case for Kodi Smit-McPhee, the actor set to play the amazing Nightcrawler in next year's "X-Men: Apocalypse."

"His state of mind, his intention in life, is all very close to mine," the "Slow West" actor told MTV News about the closeness he feels to the swashbuckling superhero. "He's a very truthful, grounded person, even though he's a superhero. I can't wait to express that connection."

Smit-McPhee is just one of the newest names to board the "X-Men" franchise, alongside folks like Sophie Turner as Jean Grey and Ty Sheridan as Scott Summers. In fact, Smit-McPhee already knows Sheridan rather well, though the two haven't talked about their upcoming "X-Men" rendezvous. Likewise, Smit-McPhee hasn't talked about it with Magneto actor Michael Fassbender, despite the two of them starring in this summer's "Slow West." According to the actor, the lack of conversations doesn't mean he's not interested; it just means he's trying to keep himself in check.

"There's so much to look forward to," he said. "When I sit here and start to dwell on how much there is to look forward to, I just let it go. I can't wait to blindly go into it. That's when you have the best time."

We'll see how well we connect with Smit-McPhee's Nightcrawler when he debuts in "Apocalypse," in theaters next year on May 27.