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Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Salutes The ‘Idiot Nation’ In Heartfelt Post

'We share this honor together,' Armstrong told the nation.

Green Day thanked a lot of people during their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction over the weekend. They gave props to the Ford Econoline van that schlepped them all over the country for years, their families, their longtime label, bands that came up with them (Operation Ivy, Crimpshrine), their kids and, most of all, each other.

On Tuesday, though, singer Billie Joe Armstrong had one more thank you he needed to send out to the people who really, really made it happen: the fans in the idiot nation. In a heartfelt message accompanied by a throwback Instagram pic, Armstrong expressed his undying love and affection for the millions of fans who've supported the group over the years.

"I can't express enough how much love is in my heart for all of you in our green day community," he wrote. "For me to try to put it into words almost feels awkward. sometimes I don't always like to use the word 'fan.' I think I can speak on behalf of me mike and Tre when I call you family or community. Because you all truly grew up together with us and shared this journey together."

Getty Images Entertainment/Mike Coppola

Signing off "rage and love" Billie Joe added: "This is more than an award. it's the privilege to play music, write songs and follow this psychotic passion called rock n roll. and We share this honor together. because honestly YOU ARE our rock n roll hall of fame. idiot nation forever."