Watch Blake Lively Demonstrate Why She Should Be In Nerd Jail

Harrison Ford? You mean Mr. Calista Flockhart?

This video starts with the world's most embarrassing "Star Wars" confession, continues with an "Indiana Jones" fangirl freakout in front of Harrison Ford, and ends with an obvious conclusion: Blake Lively's life is one long moment of total failure at nerd-dom.

The actress was on "The Tonight Show" last night (April 21) to promote her new movie, "Age of Adaline," in which she stars along with geek icon Harrison Ford.

The problem is, Blake Lively has still never seen the original "Star Wars" trilogy and mostly knew Ford as "that dude who's married to Calista Flockhart."

Needless to say, embarrassment ensued when it came time for Blake to shoot her scenes with the actor. Not even Questlove can keep it together when she protests that she's seen "the Natalie Portman Star Wars."