'Daredevil' Season Two Is Coming To Netflix Next Year, And Here's What We Need To See

More Stick, please.

It's official: "Daredevil" season two is happening, and it's happening soon.

Marvel and Netflix announced a second season of "Daredevil" late last night, scheduled to premiere in 2016, and with Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez stepping in for Steven DeKnight as the new show runners. It's a big sigh of relief for fans who thought we wouldn't see Matt Murdock again until "The Defenders," the crossover event set to take place after the debuts of "Jessica Jones," "Luke Cage" and "Iron Fist." Instead of waiting that long, we'll get to revisit the Devil of Hell's Kitchen as soon as next year.

Given where "Daredevil" left off, there are a lot of story lines and dangling threads that need immediate payoff in season two — as well as some that would just be flat-out awesome, if not necessary. Here's what we're asking to see in season two:

  1. Daredevil's Finished Costume

    Before Murdock trades in his Dread Pirate Roberts costume for his red-and-black armor, Melvin Potter makes it clear that the new suit is a work-in-progress. Good, because, well, it needs work. Daredevil's suit is a hard one to pull off in live-action, and it didn't fully work on the show. But it's a rush job within the context of the show, so given some breathing room between seasons one and two, both the "Daredevil" costume designers and Mr. Potter have plenty of time to rethink the Man Without Fear's new digs.

  2. El Grande Avocados

    Nelson & Murdock was a key player in the arrest of Wilson Fisk. With Landman & Zack presumably off the map, too, you have to imagine big things are in store for Foggy and Matt's careers. Hopefully they don't reach L&Z heights — that's not their style — but let's see some actual, consistent clientele walking in and out of the N&M law offices next season. They deserve the success.

  3. Turn The Page

    Matt Murdock is not a killer, but you can't say the same for Karen Page. She shot and killed James Wesley, in self-defense, but there's the whole cover-up thing to consider. Wesley's death didn't play a huge role in the end game of season one, except in further unraveling both Karen and Fisk's fragile psyches. But we'd be surprised if season two passes without further exploring the ramifications of Karen's deadly actions.

  4. The Kingpin's New Clothes

    Wilson Fisk ends season one behind bars. He must start there, and stay there, for the majority of season two at least. Kingpin, wearing rabbit-in-a-snowfield prison whites, could be a hell of a character, given his recent epiphany that he is not the Samaritan, but the "ill intent." Who doesn't want to see him take off a fellow inmate's head with a cell door?

  5. The Kingpin's Fiancé

    Vanessa Marianna's arc from art dealer to mob wife was one of the most surprising journeys of season one. What does she see in Wilson that makes her so amenable to his particular brand of ruthlessness? What happened earlier in her life that allows her to sign off on Fisk's promise to make his enemies suffer? She's a deeply fascinating character, and deserves deeper exploration in season two, especially since she's roaming free while her future husband rots in jail.

  6. The Hand

    Marvel's deadliest ninjas played a role in season one, if not in name. Nobu clearly worked for The Hand, what with his red garb, and several references to his deadly employers. In season two, let's dig deeper into these enemies, given that they'll have scores to settle with both Fisk and Murdock alike.

  7. Stick Around

    More than one episode of Stick, at least. Murdock's father figure and former mentor, as played by Scott Glenn, was one of the most enjoyable characters of the season, even in his one appearance. We need to find out more about him and his vendetta against the so-called "Black Sky" in season two.

  8. Elektra

    It's time. The Greek girl referenced in Matt's flashback needs to make her debut on "Daredevil." We're a long way from the Affleck/Garner playground scene. The world is ready for Elektra Natchios to make her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut.

  9. Bullseye

    You won't find a bigger fan of Colin Farrell's Bullseye than me, but even I'm ready to see another take on the eagle-eyed maniac — especially because Murdock needs a new villain to go up against in season two, with Fisk behind bars. The show can raise the stakes next year by introducing someone of a similar physical type and skill set — someone like Bullseye. Peanuts not required.

  10. Ben Urich's Replacement

    It's going to take a lot more than meditation to get over the death of the Bulletin's finest reporter, but by the time season two rolls around, we'll be ready for another man to step up and become Daredevil's new confidant. Whether that's Ellison at the Bulletin (now that we know he's not crooked) or Brett on the police force — or some new character entirely — both Matt and the audience need someone on the level who can occupy something of a Commissioner Gordon role.

  11. The World on Fire

    We only saw the world through Matt's eyes once in season one, when he explained to Claire Temple that his heightened senses created a picture consumed in flames. It was one of the most interesting visual choices of the whole season, and one that could be explored further in year two — especially in some kind of POV fight scene. Let's get that on the books, Marvel.

  12. ...Spider-Man?

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe's friendly neighborhood Spider-Man won't have his own movie until 2017, but that doesn't mean he can't show up elsewhere — like on Netflix, for instance. Matt Murdock and Peter Parker are frequent allies in the comics. Why not establish that dynamic on the show as well? It's a tall order, sure, but both Murdock and Parker specialize in tall orders.

  13. Honestly, Whatever!

    The first season of "Daredevil" surpassed all expectations, so clearly Marvel and Netflix know what they're doing. Whatever you guys did to make season one so special? Just do that again.

"Daredevil" returns in 2016.