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12-Year-Old Tinashe Wrote An Adorable Letter To Herself That Basically Predicts Her Future

She knew she'd be rich and famous.

A lot of kids hope to become rich and famous. When Tinashe was just a sixth grader, she wanted the fame and wealth, too. But while some kids don’t believe they can accomplish their dreams, Tinashe pretty much knew where she was going from the start.

See, she wrote herself an adorable letter as a sixth grader that basically predicted her future. This is what she looked like around that time.

“I hope that by the time I receive this letter I am rich and famous,” she wrote (with neat penmanship) in the letter dated June 10, 2005. “That has been my dream ever since I was really really little.”

Talk about visualization, right?

Today, Tinashe’s got a lot to be proud of. She recently tore the house down with Charli XCX and Ty Dolla $ign during the MTV Movie Awards.

Before that, she shocked us with sexiness in her “All Hands On Deck” vid and then continued to wow us at Coachella.