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Eminem Can't Stop Joking With Yelawolf In This Love Story Promo Vid

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Eminem and Yelawolf clearly have great chemistry.

Their "Best Friend" collaboration on Yela's latest album Love Story proves that, but their chemistry also translates on camera. Just check out their jokes in the outtakes for this album trailer.

In the clip, Em joke-brags about writing for Yelawolf. “When Wolf sent me the song, it was kind of open to interpretation. So, I kind of interpreted [the song] my way,” Eminem said. “When I was writing his verses and his chorus, I felt that it was a good opportunity for me to…”

“Outshine yourself?” Yelawolf chimed in.

“I was looking for the words, man," Eminem said. "Usually, I’m giving him the words and he just gave me the words. Thanks, man."

In another outtake, Yelawolf talks about their approach. "Let’s just lose it, be completely honest and make the best sh-t we can make," he said. "If that don’t work, then f--k it.”

Of course Eminem had to add in the kicker: “If that don’t work, just sell out,” he said.

Listen to Eminem and Yelawolf's "Best Friend" along with every other track on Love Story below.