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9 Little Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Prom In A Big Way

Hit the dance floor. Avoid these common pitfalls.

The big night is almost here. You got your ticket. You’re pretty sure you’ve picked your dress. Graduation is so close you can taste it, and all you have left to do is show up to that one last epic dance: your senior prom.

Prom has all the makings of a great time -- music, food, your friends -- but one misstep could throw a wrench in the whole taffeta-filled operation. Avoid these simple mistakes, and make sure you have a night that’s truly worth taking a billion and a half pictures of.

  1. Letting your hairdresser do whatever she wants

    Learn it, know it, put it on a cross stitch: Never Give Carte Blanche When It Comes To Updos.

    Showing up to your stylist with no idea of what you want is practically begging for a hairstyle that says, “I’m a bridesmaid from 1989.” Unless you want to spend the night on the verge of tears over the giant beehive that’s pinned to your head, come prepared with some pictures that are close to what you had in mind.

  2. Wearing uncomfortable shoes

    The problem with high heels is that their comfort level is so often inversely related to how cute they are. Dress shoes are never going to be as comfy as a pair of Uggs, but some shoes carry a level of pain that will easily dominate your thoughts all night long if you’re not careful.

    Choose your shoes well ahead of the dance, and wear them around the house for at least an hour before deciding whether they’re worthy of being your dance partners.

  3. Taking a date just to take a date

    Slow dancing with someone special or rocking out with a rad guy friend is an awesome way to spend the night, but taking someone you don’t feel any connection with is a recipe for awkward conversations and major disappointment. If you’re not stoked on any of your date options, roll solo -- you'll have more fun with your friends anyway.

  4. Going in a group with someone who is dramatic

    Some people’s idea of “having fun” is starting a fight with their significant other the second everyone has piled into the limo. One drama king or queen can create a whole mess of annoyance for anybody in their warpath, so find some chill folks to roll with and let the melodramatic people have their “fun” without you.

  5. Spending the whole night with ONLY your boyfriend

    OK. He’s perfect, and you guys are perfectly in love. There’s also a perfectly good chance that the night will be a total snooze fest if the two of you don't hang out with any of your friends. You have literally every other night to snuggle up and make up new pet names for each other. Mix things up on your special night and socialize with the outside world for once.

  6. Choosing a super popular dress

    If you see it on the mannequin at the store and the pages of every fashion magazine, so does every other girl in your class. The last thing you want to spend the night doing is shuffling away from your inadvertent twin (or triplet or quadruplet). Choose a dress that’s vintage or slightly off the beaten path, and shine on like the unique snowflake that you are.

  7. Putting the hotel room on your credit card

    It’s all fun and games until your afterparty gets busted up for noise, and you’re the one who has to cover the bill for broken furniture, a cracked TV and stained carpeting because it’s your name on the room. Push for an afterparty that won’t require anyone to put their credit on the line. If your group still insists on the hotel idea, let some other fool sign for it.

  8. Getting wasted

    It's a great way to land yourself in a heap of trouble with the school administration, just in time for your graduation privileges to be revoked. It’s also bound to leave you puking, crying and feeling anything but celebratory.

  9. Expecting this to be the best night of your life

    It’s going to be a blast. You’re going to look hot. You're going to have great memories. You’re also going to do, like, a ton of other awesome things over the course of your lifetime.

    This will not and should not be the best night of your life. It’s a really fancy high school dance. Nothing more, nothing less. Keeping your expectations realistic will help you enjoy the night for what it is, and keep you from being too disappointed with the "meh" pasta.