Rihanna Looks Amaze As A 420 Hawaiian Bridesmaid

But you already knew that.

You can guess how Rihanna spent her 420. But maybe you didn't guess that she was enjoying the stoner holiday in a bridesmaid dress.

The singer posted a series of gorgeous photos from her friend's wedding, showing the entire party flexing in purple on the beach. Rih served as a bridesmaid for her assistant, Jennifer Rosales, who got married to Aaron Davis.

When Rih wasn't all decked out in gems and embroidery, she was wearing a custom-made hot-pink jacket and a bucket hat from her friend Melissa Forde's line at Opening Cermony.

She wore these 420-appropriate socks before she got into her bridesmaid attire.

And, since Rih is on Snapchat, and since there's someone catching all the snaps on Instagram, here are some Snaps from the wedding!