Why Maci Was More Than A Little Surprised By Ryan's Reaction To Her Pregnancy

Find out what the 'Teen Mom' castie's ex had to say!

Maci memorably shared that she's "having another" with her son Bentley on last week's "Teen Mom OG" episode -- but there were still a few more important people to tell about her second pregnancy. During this week's installment, the costume-clad six-year-old actually spilled the beans to M's ex Ryan and his dad Larry on Halloween (Ryan's mom Jen eventually heard about the baby on the way from her son and hubby). But what was it really like for Maci to see and hear her former beau's reaction to her life-changing development?

"Telling Ryan I was pregnant...it was kind of indifference," the 23-year-old explains in the "Teen Mom OG: Featured Moment" below. "For me, for myself, I didn't care what he had to say. But I was worried for Bentley's sake because that can get really, really sticky really fast."

Feelings aside, Maci was pleasantly surprised by Ryan's reaction.

"He was way more supportive and positive than I ever would have thought he was gonna be," she adds.

But disclosing details about her bundle of joy to Benny's Mimi and Papa -- during a conversation separate from the initial announcement -- did spark some nervousness. To find out why she was anxious to chat about her second child with her "second parents," watch the clip. And be sure to catch "TMOG" every Monday at 10/9c!