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How A Facebook Connection Helped A$AP Rocky Craft His Life-Changing ‘Purple Swag’ Hit

Rocky explains how the song changed the game.

Just before A$AP Rocky created his break-through single ‘Purple Swag,’ the MC was going through a rough time in his life.

"I was still struggling at that time,” Rocky said in Complex’s "Purple Swag” edition of "Magnum Opus." "Didn’t know we was gonna get evicted and stuff like that. Then I met Ty Beats on the Internet.”

The producer of the track, Ty Beats, says they actually met through Facebook. Ty asked if he could send beats and Rocky was open to the idea.

"The first beat he sent me was ‘Purple Swag,’” Rocky said. “I would just turn the lights out, close my eyes, throw the beat on and zone out.”

Looking back, Rocky says the song impacted music in a major way.

"People don’t even know that’s the format and that’s the blueprint of flows up until today that the industry still uses,” he said. "It was so simple that I just don’t even f--k with it no more. They can have it.”

The "Magnum Opus" episode also touches on A$AP Yams' influence on the group's success. "He would sneak my music on [his popular Tumblr account] pretending he had no affiliation or no association with me," Rocky said.

Yams passed away in January. Rocky spoke with MTV News about Yams' tragic passing in March. "He’s the person I knew when I was broke, that was helping me when we didn’t know what was going to happen," Rocky said at the time.

Rocky is currently working on his next album, A.L.L.A.