Sia | 'Fire Meet Gasoline'

Which 'Game Of Thrones' Star Is Heidi Klum Making Out With In This Upcoming Music Video?

See the pair get cozy in 'Fire Meet Gasoline,' scored by Sia.

Although Maddy Ziegler has basically inherited Sia's blonde wig lately, Heidi Klum is now the newest blonde on the block to don the mop of platinum hair -- this time for Klum's upcoming music video, “Fire Meet Gasoline – By Heidi Klum," scored by a Sia track of the same name. The video drops tomorrow (April 22).

The vid features Klum and Pedro Pascal -- who portrayed Oberyn Martell on "Game of Thrones" -- in a story line too mature for the 12-year-old "Dance Moms" performer.

"I guess it is always strange when you meet someone for the first time and within five minutes, you are tongue-kissing that person. Very odd," Heidi told MTV News when asked about her role in the piece.

While it took some time for the German model to get warmed up for the many makeout scenes -- "I'm not a professional," she admitted -- Heidi said the former "GoT" actor was quite the pro.

"He was like, action and boom, he was right there," Heidi said, laughing. "It took me a few takes to get more comfortable."

In addition to Heidi's intimates line, which was worn in several scenes, Sia's iconic blonde wig makes a brief cameo at the tail end of the music video as well.

"The wig is iconic and that was something Sia really wanted me to wear. I love wearing wigs and wearing her wig, her iconic wig," Klum explained.

And even though she sported the signature look in "Fire Meet Gasoline," it wasn't until everything was shot that the pair finally connected IRL.

"I met her at the Oscars for the very first time and she was so sweet. She, like, came running over to me and she lifted me basically off the ground. I was in shock, like, how sweet she is, how warm she is and how crazy she is," she said. "She's like smiley and so bubbly and chatty. I mean, I had the best experience meeting her."

Heidi continued: "She loved the video, she loved the lingerie and she thought it was great. And I was so happy and thankful that she let me do that with her."

[Ed. note: This story has been updated to reflect that the video was released by Heidi Klum, not Sia.]