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John Travolta Tells Us What To Expect From 'American Crime Story'

Behind the scenes intrigue!

When you're telling a true story, there's no such thing as making it up as you go along. That's why John Travolta has his work cut out for him while preparing for "American Crime Story," a 10-episode series that will retell the 1995 murder trial of O.J. Simpson.

Travolta will play Robert Shapiro, one of O.J. Simpson's legal team, on the show, which is produced by "Glee" and "American Horror Story" mastermind Ryan Murphy.

In an interview with MTV News ahead of the release of his new movie "The Forger," Travolta opened up about his research.

"I'm watching a lot of video of Shapiro to get his behavior down, his style of being a lawyer, his cadence of speech, his look," Travolta said. "I have that down pretty well."

As for what we can expect tonally (remember, Murphy is the one who brought Minotaur sex and slushie-tossing into our lives), Travolta said the show will bring "aspects that you would never have been privy to" as a viewer of the trial.

"More of a docu-drama," he said. "Things that I think were going on behind closed doors that you did not hear of, I think that's going to be the angle."

Learn more about Travolta and "American Crime Story" in the clip above.

"The Forger" is in theaters and on demand April 24.