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A$AP Rocky Would Start His Own Line, But Wants To Do This First

It's hard to believe that A$AP Rocky, Fashion Killa, sneaker muse, and Raf Simons disciple, doesn't already have his own clothing label. Rocky has said before, though, that he wouldn't get into the design game. In his words: "I wouldn’t design, I would collab. I’m not a fashion designer. I have too much respect for it."

But a new interview with Rocky at Red Bull Music Academy suggests otherwise.

In the hour-plus conversation, where Rocky talks about everything from fashion being a part of his identity to putting Pigalle, Hood By Air, and Black Scale on the map, he also reveals that he's not entirely opposed to starting his own line—he just wants to make sure he is educated first.

"I'm not a fashion designer so if I'm going to put out a brand, I'm going to start from the bottom," Rocky said. "I need to get the proper knowledge because I don't want to infiltrate anything. I don't want to come in and pretend that—a lot of people who claim to know fashion just reiterate s--t they hear from jiggy n-----s like me so I don't want to be a product of that. When I start making clothes, I want it to be original and I want people to respect it the same way they respect my fashion sense or my music, videos, and personality."

You have to respect that. Hopefully Rocky has been getting all the training he needs while working on the top-secret denim collaboration he teased in his Complex cover story.