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Demi Lovato Is ‘More Crazier’ And ‘More Rock N’ Roll’ Now That She Is Sober

She also reveals how Wilmer helped her through her substance abuse problems.

Demi Lovato has always been open with her fans about her struggle with substance abuse, but something she's just recently been opening up about is her longtime boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama.

The pop star has been posting numerous pics of her man on Instagram, telling the world that she loves and misses him while overseas on tour, and recently praised him for helping her through her struggles.

But Demi is now telling everyone just how he did it, and it was all through some tough love.

"There were some moments when it was off and on when I was struggling with my issues," she told Sydney's Kyle and Jackie O Show. "What he would do is he wouldn't enable me so he'd say, 'I can't be around if you're not going to get your stuff together.'"

And it seemed to help since she said "it made me fight for it."

Last month, as she celebrated three years sober, Demi publically shouted out Wilmer saying that she "wouldn't be alive today" without his support.

And even though Demi is living a clean and healthy life, that doesn't mean she still doesn't have a wild side. In fact she's "more crazier" than she was before.

"I think I'm more crazier in a more wild way like I can go out and have fun and I can remember it," Demi said before later adding. "I feel like I'm more rock 'n roll now because I don't care...when people think of rock n' roll they think, 'oh '80s hair band, sex, drugs,' but I think it's so much more badass when you don't need that stuff to go out and have fun. I almost feel like that's more badass then just doing a bunch of drugs all night."