13 Badass Pieces Of ‘Avengers’ Swag That Give Black Widow Her Due

Because leaving out a member of your team just isn't nice.

It's no secret that superhero merchandise often has a problem with female representation; no matter if you're working with either Marvel or the DC Universe, if your favorite character is a woman then it's very likely that they're going to get left off of the t-shirts you see in stores. As a female superhero fan, that can really be frustrating -- and for parents who are trying to raise a superhero loving girl themselves (or teach a superhero-loving boy that girls are worth looking up to just like guys are), it's even worse.

But the good news is that thanks to the power of the Internet, likeminded superheroine enthusiasts are able to rise up together and condemn the practice of leaving girls out of the line-up. And while we still have a very long way to go before a woman's presence on a superhero t-shirt is kind of a given, it seems like maybe, just maaaybe, some licensors are starting to listen.

Black Widow, who's currently the sole female member of the Avengers team, might not be as ubiquitous as her male coworkers and ends up on the cutting room floor (along with Hawkeye sometimes, poor bro) much, much more than she should. But if you're interested in showing your support for S.H.I.E.L.D.'s super spy, you could do a lot worse than some of the awesome products below.

  1. Her Universe/Hot Topic

    You won't be able to wear anything from this line until its official launch on May 12th, but starting today you can preorder two different gorgeously-designed pieces inspired by Natasha Romanoff's signature look.

  2. Sometimes the female characters in Funko's adorable Pop! line can be tricky to stand upright on their own -- they have such big heads and such little bodies! But looking at Black Widow's wide stance and thicker legs, I'm guessing she'll be tough enough not to fall victim to gravity's crushing grip.

  3. You probably already imagine you're Black Widow when you're working out anyway, so why not just give into the fantasy?

  4. WLF not only offers officially licensed t-shirts from all kinds of different properties, but they also regularly host design contests for fans to submit their own fanart and shirt ideas.

  5. Black Widow Child's Costume

    If I were the right age for this costume to fit me, I would definitely be wearing it every single day.

  6. "Age of Ultron" Lego Set

    You'll get to reenact that motorbike scene from "Age of Ultron" over and over again in miniature form!

  7. Black Widow Hot Wheels

    Do they make this car in people size? Because I sort of want one to drive around.

  8. In addition to the Hot Topic line, Her Universe isn't shy about embracing the Avenger's female team member. Their specific intent as a company is to sell products to girls and women who feel underrepresented by the rest of the superhero-product marketplace, and they're doing a pretty amazing job of it.

  9. Avengers Sketch Tee

    The gang is all here! (I can't wait until that's not a surprise anymore.)

  10. It always bugs me when all the male characters in a toy line are packaged together but the girl is packaged separately (or, if there's more than one girl, they're put together). So it's nice to see Natasha teaming up with Steve Rogers for this cute set.

  11. "Avengers Save The Day" storybook

    The little kid tie-in to the "Age of Ultron" movie, and gosh does it look adorable.

  12. Avengers Assemble Pillow

    Lady superheroes need proper head support while sleeping, too!

  13. Avengers Children's Shirts

    At least The Children's Place appears to have learned their lesson after the Internet uproar surrounding their decision to remove Gamora from a "Guardians of the Galaxy" shirt. These shirts all make sure that Black Widow is accounted for, and that's pretty great.