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Big Sean Dealt With His Ariana Grande Breakup By Playing Pictionary

Because what better coping mechanism is there?

From the outside, it sure looks like Monday was one hell of an emotional roller coaster for Big Sean.

Early in the day, news broke that he and girlfriend Ariana Grande had split, citing "conflicting touring schedules," but promising to "remain close friends."

Most people would probably want to stay home after that kind of life change, but Sean instead hit the stage on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" to perform his emotional tribute to his late grandmother, "One Man Can Change The World."

And, seriously, that would have been enough excitement for the day, but the Detroit native also teamed up with Fallon for a game of pictionary, where they took on LL Cool J and Rose Byrne.

It turns out the G.O.O.D. Music rapper and Jimmy have some pretty incredible chemistry. And he's got some skills with the pen not just writing rhymes, but also drawing pictures (kinda).

Hopefully this is a sign of continued good times and positive vibes for Sean.