You Say It's Your Birthday: J Mascis

Former Dinosaur Jr frontman J Mascis was born today in 1965 in Amherst, Mass. As

the band's singer and guitarist, Mascis' grungy guitar-playing and Neil

Young-esque, high-pitched vocals helped to pave the way for the "Seattle Sound"

explosion in the early '90s. The group formed in 1983 when Mascis' hardcore

group Deep Wound broke up. Mascis, who was playing drums at the time, former

Deep Wound bassist Lou Barlow and All White Jury drummer Patrick Murphy joined

together to form Dinosaur, with Mascis taking on guitar and vocal duties. 1985

brought a self-titled indie release, and 1987 saw the band being signed by West

Coast indie label SST and releasing You're Living All Over Me. That same

year, the group added the "Jr" to their name after being sued by a group named

Dinosaur that consisted of former members of Jefferson Airplane and Country Joe

and the Fish. "Freak Scene" was an underground hit in 1988, and Bug soon

followed. Barlow was the first to open the band's revolving door of bassists,

leaving the group soon after the release of Bug and going on to form

indie-rock favorites Sebadoh. The Screaming Trees' Van Connor and Gumball's Don

Flemming are among the many people to have walked through that door since

Barlow's departure.

Dinosaur Jr took on a popular Cure song on 1989's Just Like Heaven EP and

were rewarded with a new round of radio play and more exposure. 1991's Green

Mind was the group's major-label debut and featured Mascis performing just

about every part on the album. 1992 brought the more permanent addition of

bassist Mike Johnson and the release of an EP entitled Whatever's Cool with

Me. 1993's Where You Been hit #50 on the pop charts and brought the

group its widest audience and highest critical acclaim, which in turn allowed

the group to tour with the Lollapalooza festival that summer and contribute

"Turnip Farm" to the massively successful Reality Bites Soundtrack.

1994's Without A Sound hit #44 on the pop charts and earned the group

even more critical praise. In March of this year, Hand It Over was

released to a warm response from the critics but no response from the public.

At the end of a brief tour to support the album, the group discovered that they

no longer had a record label and decided to call it a day. Mascis is reportedly

gearing up to work on a solo project.

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