Murder, Lies And Dudes Named Chet -- You Need To See The Cover Of 'Dangerous Lies'

Becca Fitzpatrick's latest looks pretty intense.

Calling it now, guys: Thrillers are the new fallen angels are the new dystopian worlds are the new vampires. Which is why I'm pretty stoked to present you, the readers, with the exclusive cover reveal of Becca Fitzpatrick's upcoming romantic thriller, "Dangerous Lies."

Let's take a moment to drink in allllll the drama:

"I'm thrilled with the cover," Fitzpatrick -- who also penned the bestselling "Hush, Hush" series -- told MTV News. "It's perfect for the book. There's a suggestion of approaching danger, a girl caught in the middle, and a literal storm coming down. Stella is running from her past, but no one can vanish forever. The cover portrays the sense of being haunted, even pursued, by old secrets."

So who is Stella and what storm, exactly, is impending? Well, she's basically the star witness in a murder trial -- relocated by the Witness Protection Program to a small town in Nebraska. Naturally, the criminals involved are hot on her heels -- and, speaking of hot, there's also a dude named Chet Falconer. What a name, right?

Anyway, we won't know what happens to Stella and Chet until November 2015 (!!!), but, lucky for us, we can stare at that lovely cover up there in the meantime...