Networking 101: Why Lauren Conrad Says You CAN Mix Business With Pleasure

The former 'Hills' star gives tips on how to build relationships in the workplace.

During Lauren Conrad's "Hills" era, viewers watched as the incredibly eager Laguna lady began her career as a Teen Vogue intern. From model fittings at the biggest shows and transporting a dress from one coast to the other to dealing with countless requests from her bosses Lisa Love and eventually People's Revolution founder Kelly Cutrone, LC blossomed professionally -- and now she's using everything she learned during those special years to successfully run her own empire.

Never one to shy away from imparting some personal wisdom on her eponymous website, Mrs. Tell is now giving advice on a very important business technique: networking. In her latest column -- titled "Go For It: The Smart Girl's Guide to Networking" -- Lauren outlines seven key pointers to success. One bit that resonates with the positions she held during her MTV days: Develop meaningful connections with your co-workers.

"If you can make real friends in your industry, your 'network' will be that much stronger (and 'business lunches' will be that much more fun!)" writes the 29-year-old, who memorably shared many unforgettable experiences with her fellow fashionista Whitney Port. "I consider most of the women I work with my dear friends. Because we're so close, I know I can count on them for creative inspiration, business savvy and important connections within the industry."

We say the gals are overdue for a field trip back to the magazine's garment closet office for some entertaining gabfests, similar to the one below...

But back to LC's tips. Several other things to remember: Know how to brand yourself, carry "well-designed" business cards at all times, always meet face-to-face rather than via email or social media, and introduce your contacts to others to help them succeed because "what goes around comes around, and having this attitude will help you in the long term."

The lifestyle maven also points out that it's important to use social media appropriately (i.e. when it comes to Facebook, only add business contacts who you also consider to be a close acquaintance). And last but certainly not least: First impressions are everything, so dress professionally -- like Lauren did almost 10 years ago for her inaugural meeting with LL (flashback to when she gave her gray miniskirt a quick press with her trusty flatiron!).

What do you think of Lauren's networking tips -- and do you have any to add? Share your thoughts in the comments!