Taylor Swift Confronts Her Cat In This Exciting Documentary

Caught on camera.

As if Taylor Swift weren't busy enough, now she's moonlighting as a documentary filmmaker! ...Well, sort of.

In this Facebook video, titled "Living With Meerkats: a documentary," Taylor deftly stalks her kitty Olivia through the wild environs of her house, capturing some compelling evidence that Olivia is either a) not a cat at all, or b) still a cat, but, like, a total weirdo about it.

Not being experts in feline behavior, we can't speak to whether Olivia's habit of sitting upright on her hind legs is within the realm of normal cat business, but we definitely agree with Taylor on one thing: It is, truly, majestic.

Also: A National Geographic Channel original featuring Taylor Swift stalking housecats and narrating their movements is a show that everyone would watch, right?