These 27 Shawn Mendes Drawings Will Impress You... Or Terrify You


You haven't met fans until you've met Shawn Mendes' fans. Followers of Mendes and his pals (like Cameron Dallas) have a fascinating -- yet huge -- corner of the Internet where they discuss imaginary conversations with the boys, choose outfits for the day they might meet and create all sorts of tributes -- including these drawings.

There are some talented Shawn fans out there, as evidenced by the intricately drawn art I've scrounged up below. Some of them are even spectacular. Some of them, are, well, you can come to your own conclusions...

  1. Jackie recreated the cover of Shawn's album, Handwritten.
  2. Maria had a handful of tributes on her Tumblr, including her minimalistic approach.
  3. Shawn is all misunderstood and shaded in this one.
  4. And slightly taken aback in this one.
  5. This one seems to say, 'Let's get tacos.'
  6. One Tumblr fan painted these pictures of Shawn and his pals for her bedroom wall.
  7. Spelling out lyrics is another way Shawn fans (Shawndies?) express themselves.
  8. This drawing has a great Canadian twist (our dude is from the Great White North, if you didn't know).
  9. This person forgot his mouth.
  10. Or maybe he just doesn't have a mouth?
  11. This back-muscle computer drawing is accurate, by the way. Dude is ripped.
  12. Just a boy and his guitar, what can I say?
  13. It probably took like three hours to finish the shading on his upper lip.
  14. 'Life of the Party' is his most famous song -- from which fans like to take their inspiration.
  15. Salty AF Mendes (great screenname) drew this lifelike pic of Shawn.
  16. Who needs a face when have a name?
  17. Never underestimate the medium of colored pencil.
  18. Look how jolly his little cute face is!
  19. Shawn Mendes pop art.
  20. Shawn Potter.
  21. Why not throw yourself into some anime pics of Shawn and his buds?
  22. See the resemblance?
  23. This drawing makes Shawn a very sullen boy.
  24. This version gives him very shapely eyebrows.
  25. Again, what the heck? Where do these kids learn how to do this?
  26. A tasty display of 'The Weight.'
  27. Precious.

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