Mike Kemp / Getty Images

Watch A Guy Go To Heroic Lengths To Save His Drone From Drowning

The dramatic drone rescue was caught on camera.

Ever wonder what happens when drones run out of battery? Turns out they gracefully float back down to Earth. This is a great feature, unless the drone is hovering over the ocean at the time.

That's what happened Monday (April 20) to Ryan Chatfield, a videographer and photographer based in Perth, Australia. He was taking some sunset beach footage when his $2000 drone began powering down. When he realized his very expensive device could be seconds away from sustaining water damage or getting swept out to sea, he sprinted across the beach with the speed of someone saving a drowning child.

"If I hadn't caught it, it would have sunk to the bottom of the ocean and I would have lost everything," Chatfield told The West Australian.

Chatfield starts as a little speck on the screen. He can be seen dropping his controller and dashing along the water, where he scales rocks to get to the drone as the water gets closer and closer. Check it out below:

At the last moment, Chatfield gets within arm's length and snags the drone out of the air just before it hits the surface. Chatfield braved sharp rocks and waves to save his baby, just like any parent would. And now he has the footage -- shot by the death-defying drone -- to prove it.