Baby Daredevil Cosplayer's Superpower Is Being Violently Adorable

There's a new man in the mask.

If the real Daredevil were here, he'd think we were having a heart attack: That's how stinkin' cute this teeny tiny Daredevil cosplayer is.

Three year-old Parker looks fantastic in the vigilante getup sported by Charlie Cox in Netflix's "Daredevil" (the one he wore before he scored the bespoke super-suit debuted in the Season 1 finale.) The toddler is the son of the owner of City Light Studio Sector C, which focuses exclusively on cosplay photography -- and which explains why his pics are so incredibly legit.

Fortunately, Parker seems content to channel the lonely, watchful, city-surveying Daredevil, and leave the over-the-top acts of violence to the adults. But if Matt Murdock ever needs a fierce sidekick whose superpower is having obscenely adorable cheek chub, we know who his first phone call should be.