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Here's What Needs To Happen When 'Pretty Little Liars' Time-Jumps

How about some major character development?

A lot can change in four years, as fans of "Pretty Little Liars" fans are about to find out firsthand.

Executive producer Marlene King has confirmed that there will be a significant time-jump in the show's sixth season six when "Pretty Little Liars" skips college. This means after the midseason finale, we'll catch up with the Liars four years later. (Most likely when a new A starts sending ominous texts and stirring up drama in Rosewood.)

"PLL" isn't the first teen show to skip over the college years -- "One Tree Hill" did a similar thing between seasons four and five -- and it definitely won't be the last. But "Pretty Little Liars" has always played with timelines and flashbacks, so the idea of flashing forward four years seems like a natural progression for the show. Plus, the jump will definitely open up a lot of new possibilities for the Liars.

Here are a things we'd love to see from Aria, Hanna, Emily, Spencer and Alison when "Pretty Little Liars" skips four years into the future.

  1. Hanna finds her confidence again.
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    Hanna has really been put through it these past few seasons on "PLL." (You can trace her downward spiral to Caleb's arrival in Ravenswood.) And while she's remained her plucky self through it all, she's missing some of her confidence. We can't blame her; A has ruined her life. But we miss the Hanna who took the Rosewood High halls by storm. Hopefully, four years away from Rosewood will do her some good. She'll definitely be able to find that spark at New York University in the heart of New York City. Hanna Marin is destined for greatness, and it's about time she believed in herself. We'd love to see her return to Rosewood with a newfound sense of self-worth.

  2. Aria publishes her first novel.
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    While its rare for a 21-year-old to take the publishing world by storm with a successful debut novel, it's not entirely unheard of. With Ezra out of the picture (for now), Aria will have plenty of time to focus on her creative passion: writing. We know Aria is capable of writing an epic love story. After all, she has the best real-life inspiration. Not to mention, it would be great to see Aria putting herself, and not some guy, first for a change.

  3. Spencer travels the world.
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    This past season on "PLL," we watched as Spencer's Ivy League dreams turned to dust before her eyes. For Spencer Hastings, the plan was always to go to an Ivy -- that's what Hastings do -- before she met a free spirit named Jonny who showed her that there was more to life than good grades and college acceptance letters. After years of stressing over grades and extracurriculars, how cool would it be to see Spencer take a few years to herself and travel the world? Spencer has always been fiercely smart and wildly independent, but she's never been much of a risk-taker. Perhaps it's time Spencer follows her heart and embarks on her own adventure. (Sorry, Mrs. Hastings!)

  4. Emily moves to California.
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    Okay, so maybe we're kind of hoping Emily moves to the Bay Area to be with Paige, but TBH, Paige doesn't even deserve Emily right now. She won't even answer her calls or texts, which is pretty lame. That being said, there's a lot California could offer Emily -- mountains, ocean, adventure, nightlife, an awesome LGBTQ community, etc. We know her goal was to go to Stanford, and while a swimming scholarship may no longer be an option for Em, we don't think that should stop her from pursuing her dream. Emily is a natural leader, which makes her a fantastic coach, so just because she can't swim competitively anymore doesn't mean she can't be on the team as Assistant Coach Fields. We like the way that sounds, don't you?

  5. Ali stops being a garbage person.
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    Imagine if Ali stopped being a terrible friend and started being a decent human being. That would be pretty cool, right? Maybe in four years, she could even make actual friends and have a squad of her own. All we want for Ali DiLaurentis is for her to realize that treating people like garbage is not cute. Ali doesn't have to manipulate people into being her friends. In fact, if she just let people see the real her -- the kind, sensitive Ali we know is in there somewhere -- then maybe she'll be able to make real friends. Oh, and a legitimate apology to the Liars would be great too.