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2 Chainz Tried A $10,000 Bong But He Probably Won’t Try It Again

Check out 2 Chainz's 'wild and trippy experience.'

We know 2 Chainz enjoys the world’s ‘most expensive sh-t’ because well, that’s the name of his web series. It's where he tests some really pricey things like a $100,000 bottle of water or a $295 burger. For the latest installment of the GQ series, 2 Chainz tried out a $10,000 bong called the Armageddon.

You can watch the video here: 2 Chainz Smokes Out Of a $10,000 Bong

“It’s the end of the world after you hit that motherf--ker,” 2 Chainz said after taking one look at Armageddon, which was described as "the Picasso of bongs."

So, what did 2 Chainz think? In his final thoughts, the MC revealed why he most likely won’t be trying the Armageddon again.

"It was one wild and trippy experience,” he said. "I can’t even front. It was made out of glass. It had chandeliers. It did everything except for glow in the dark.

"I’m not really good with bongs and pipes and all of that, but I did enjoy the experience," he added. "I’m a casual smoker so I didn’t mind taking a trip down that road, but I don’t know if I’m coming back."