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16 Couple Moments That Make Us Wish Ariana Grande And Big Sean Would Stay Together

Seriously, they can't break up.

Now this was a breakup I did not see coming.

After eight months of dating, one of my favorite celebrity couples, Ariana Grande and Big Sean, have decided to go their separate ways -- but promise to "remain close friends."

And while I'd like to pretend this is a rumor, it is, in fact, real, which makes me sad. Why? Because these two were just so adorable together -- from their couple selfies to their date night at the Grammys to their secret handshake.

So let's break out the tissues and look back at 16 of Ariana and Big Sean's cutest couple moments.

  1. Backstage Hand-Holding

    We got our first glimpse of the two as a couple when they were spotted holding hands backstage at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards.

  2. Supporting His Girl
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    After she performed on "Saturday Night Live," Ari and Sean were caught once again holding hands.

  3. On The Ride Of Love
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    Someone shared this oh-so-adorable picture of the two riding the Revenge of the Mummy ride at Universal. Clearly they weren't scared.

  4. They've Got Chemistry

    Tell us something we don't know, Sean.

  5. Their Selfies

    They had so many perfect couple selfies.

  6. Not Afraid Of A Little PDA

    The look of love.

  7. They Made Each Other Really Happy


  8. They Loved October

    They had so much in common, like Pumpkin Spice Lattes, hayrides and Halloween.

  9. Snow Bunnies

    To celebrate the New Year, the two went on a snowy getaway to Lake Tahoe, where they played in the snow, took selfies and posted lots of pictures for us to see.

  10. Bubblegum Level

    Ariana has many talents, and blowing bubbles is one of them. While snuggling with her man, the pop star blew the biggest bubble ever leaving Sean quite impressed.

  11. Wearing His Clothes

    Ariana raided Big Sean's closet, which basically means you are at serious GF/BF status. Her she is posing with his vintage Tupac tee.

  12. Red Carpet Debut
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    Ari and Big Sean made their red carpet debut on the Grammys. He calmed her nerves, and she showered him with kisses.

  13. They Played Truth Or Dare

    We made Ariana and Big Sean play Truth or Dare on the Grammy red carpet, which ended with her giving him a kiss. Awwww.

  14. Their (Not So Secret) Handshake

    Ariana let us into their secret handshake, which was sealed with a kiss.

  15. The Time They Rapped Together

    Ari posted this the day that Big Sean's album, Dark Sky Paradise, was released, saying that she was "so excited" for her man.

  16. Kisses For His Hometown

    Big Sean surprised fans when he took the stage with Ariana on her Honeymoon Tour in his hometown of Detroit. The two performed their duet, "Best Mistake," and kissed in front of the crowd.