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Are Justin Bieber And Kanye West Releasing A Song Together?

Scooter Braun just gave us so many teases for Justin's upcoming projects.

Beliebers, I suggest you get excited, because Justin Bieber has big things planned for you guys... like real big.

Justin's manager, Scooter Braun, treated fans to a Twitter Q&A where he answered a lot of questions about his family, his favorite movies and, most importantly, Justin.

Scooter talked (well mostly teased) Justin's upcoming collaborations, when the music will be released (soon), and whether or not those rumors that the Biebs and Ariana Grande will hit the road together are true. Here are seven things that we learned.

  1. Justin + Kanye

    Justin confirmed that he was in the studio working with Kanye, but Kanye may have done more than just produce some tracks. Scooter teased that we should "stay tuned" for a collaboration.

  2. Justin Teaming Up With Zayn?

    One fan suggested that now that Zayn has left One Direction, maybe he should collaborate with Justin -- which Scotter thought was a "cool idea."

  3. Remember That Time Justin And Ariana Recorded A Song?

    Of course we do, but it turns out it was "never finished." However, Scooter is pretty positive they will "do one in the future."

  4. Ariana + Justin = Tour?

    Justin has dropped in on two of Ariana's Honeymoon Tour dates, and since they've gone so well, Scooter is thinking about a joint tour. Count me in.

  5. "Where Are Ü Now" Music Video

    For the past few weeks I've been playing Justin's track with Skrillex and Diplo nonstop, and now it looks like we'll finally be getting a video for the song since they are shooting it "this month."

  6. It's From The Heart

    Justin revealed he will be talking about his relationship with ex Selena Gomez on his next album, so it's not too surprising that there are a lot of "real" lyrics and that he's talking about "all the things that need to be said."

  7. It's Coming

    His new music will be here soon, and if it's not, Scooter will definitely lose his mind.