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Let Drake Show You How To Get Over The Love Of Your Life

Nicki Minaj is with Meek Mill and Drake is dealing with it.

Drake has long professed his love for Nicki Minaj -- both in song and onstage -- so one had to wonder: How was he going to react to the (rumored) news of Nicki's engagement to Meek Mill?

We may have found out on Sunday.

"It's been too long, mama," Drake said during a break in his set at Coachella, shortly after bringing Nicki out during "Truffle Butter." "We might have to hug this sh-t out, mama. I ain't seen you in a long time, mama. Are you there Ms. Minaj?"

Then, once again, he dropped an L-bomb.

"Coachella, you gotta make some noise for, like, the love of my life. I love this girl right here. We family forever."

Then, Aubrey was able to muster up the strength to wish the the Pinkprint rapper the best on her relationship with Meek Mill and their big (and still unconfirmed) engagement news.

"Congratulations, and all that," he said.

Now, granted, that doesn't read very convincingly. But if you hear him say it, it does sound genuine. Also, though they've both dropped hints, neither Nicki nor Meek has fully confirmed the engagement, so maybe it's not real, and maybe Drake isn't even congratulating her on that. Maybe it's on the reception she got when walking on stage. Or on the success of her European tour. Or on the recent anniversary of her Beam Me Up Scotty mixtape, which turned six on Saturday.


Either way, he was happy to see her.

"I just wanna give you a hug."

That's when the video above cuts out, but Drizzy had a little more to say.

"You know when that girl you had a crush on and sh-t start being with someone else, you gotta be like, Yo, congratulations on that sh-t."

Way to be a good sport about this whole thing, Drake.