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Will The New Gucci Mane Album Be EDM -- And Diplo-Approved?

The pair confirm they're collaborating but maybe don't grab your glow sticks just yet.

When you think of Gucci Mane, you probably don't think of four-on-the-floor dance beats. And yet, if Gucci's latest tweets are to be taken as truth, then a dance floor-ready collection of jams is in store from Gucci in the near future.

Blame Diplo for this one! Gucci broke the news Saturday with a few details about the project.

Diplo chimed in an hour later with a little clarification about the "EDM" vibe.

Although he did confirm that they're working together, Diplo denied the music is EDM. Still, it's an interesting direction for Gucci, production-wise. The Georgia rapper's past albums featured notable hip-hop producers such as Lex Luger and Southside.

Most recently, Diplo collaborated with Skrillex for an aggressive, EDM-flavored version of brostep called Jack U, and with Madonna for her latest album, Rebel Heart.

Knowing the rate at which Gucci releases records (Trap House 5 was just recently released to iTunes), we expect this collaboration to drop sooner rather than later.