Olivia Salazar/Getty Images

Harry Styles Revealed A Mysterious New Tattoo In A Pic Of Chelsea Handler's Butt

We have a lot of questions, Harry.

Just as we were coming to grips with living in a world robbed of Zayn Malik’s gorgeous locks, Harry Styles had to go and one-up that news by revealing a brand new tattoo.

Sure, the One Direction babe is already littered in ink on his arms, hands, and chest, but this new one isn’t just any regular ol’ tattoo…IT’S A THIGH TATTOO. A huge, prominent, look-at-my-little-legs-in-these-little-shorts thigh tattoo.


Comedian Chelsea Handler — who appears to randomly be friends with Harry — shared an Instagram snap on Saturday (April 18) of the two casually chillin’. While your glance probably darts to Chelsea’s bikini bottoms stamped with Harry’s name on them (side note: where can we get some of those?), look a little closer at the goofily grinning babe and his legs and you’ll notice the huge new tat staring back at you.

Needless to say, 1D fans freaked out at this new revelation and at "just how fast the night changes" (sorry, had to).

Harry has yet to show off his new art, which is a shame because we definitely need a magnified view of this thing. Is it a seashell? A whale? An owl? A portrait of Zayn? It’s totally unclear at this point and we need answers. Thankfully, spring is here which means it’s short shorts season, so we should find out soon enough.

Until then, what do you think the tattoo is? Let us know your guesses in the comments!