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37 Times James Franco Won At Instagram (And Life)

The 'gram game is strong with this one.

Today (April 19) is James Franco's birthday -- and while the actor may be turning a hefty 37, he's pretty much proven that when it comes to social media, he's young at heart. In particular, Mr. Dave Skylark himself is a pro when it comes to Instagram, so in honor of the day of his birth, here's 37 times his 'gram game proved this "Freak" was on fleek (that's a thing the youths say, right? Cool).

  1. Saved By The what now?

    No idea what this is for but it's amazing.

  2. Hanging with Miley.

    Normal. This happens to me all the time.

  3. Where to begin?

    "LittleJamesFranco says, 'happy 50 Shades of Easter.'" What. What is happening.

  4. Hanging with Elton.
  5. Teasing the press.

    "Selena and I had a baby. It was born during Sprang Break."

  6. Celebrating birthdays right.
  7. His Disney nerdery is legit.
  8. Seriously. Disney nerd.

    "When you buy fake Buddy Holly glasses with clear lenses

    So you can just chill in the enchanted tiki room and relax with an oversized pickle

    And you get spotted."

  9. Getting a perfect promposal.
  10. Comparing himself to Yoko.
  11. Selfie-ception.

    Taking a selfie while wearing a shirt of yourself taking a selfie is the ultimate selfie.

  12. Hanging with Gaga.
  13. Making a classy holiday card.
  14. Also thinking Spider-Man is kind of sexy as a balloon.
  15. Letting it all hang out.
  16. Hanging with a kitten.

    That's Instagram 101.

  17. Partying like a normal person.
  18. Hanging with Marnie at a tiny hat party.

    That's Instagram final exam, basically.

  19. Uhhhh...

    Has anyone seen Megan Fox recently?

  20. Hosting a "Freaks and Geeks' art show.
  21. Creating the ultimate mash-up.
  22. Actually, literally destroying your childhood.
  23. Uhhhhhh x2

    Yeah. What? Is this legal?

  24. Becoming an emoji.

    Life goals.

  25. Celebrating his goals.
  26. Oh. My. Gosh.
  27. Appreciating great art.
  28. Taking a photo of two people taking photos of each other.
  29. Keeping the doctor away.
  30. Connecting with fans.
  31. Breaking through.

    Bonus for taking a stand on "Spring Breakers 2" in this post.

  32. Revisiting his great roles.
  34. #JILF
  35. Hanging as a youth with our fave lady car-driver.


  36. Wishing friends Happy B-day.

    Return the favor, Seth.

  37. Body like Arnold with a beardo face.