The Cast of 'Unfriended' Shares The Stories Behind Their First Screennames

SexeeAintThaWurd, we see you there.

There's a delicate balance to choosing your first instant messenger screenname. It should say something about your passions, your experience, your soul. It must also -- and pay attention, this is important -- must not have been claimed by someone else already. And if it is, then you get that ultimate marker of shame: the dreaded random number trail on the end of your screenname.

Everyone has an embarrassing first screenname, even the cast of new horror movie "Unfriended." At a press day ahead of the release of the movie, we asked them to reveal those lol-worthy screennames with us.

"I had CaptainSmiles4000, which means at least 3,000 other people already had 'CaptainSmiles'" Moses Jacob Storm revealed.

Jacob Wysocki, on the other hand, opted for a numeral-free name that reflected his free spirit.

"My AIM was BoredButRockin. Because if I was on AIM you know I was bored, but I was pumpin' some Led Zep," he said.

Watch the video above to find out more embarrassing screennames from the cast of "Unfriended."

"Unfriended" is in theaters now.