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Your Favorite Rappers Are ‘Star Wars’ Fans: Here’s Proof

Listen, you must.

When the new trailer for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” landed Thursday (April 17), everyone pretty much lost it (with good reason).

Some started literally sobbing at their computers, others gleefully watched the trailer with thousands of other avid fans and we even got to enjoy a LEGO version of the trailer.

We’re guessing these rappers were also pretty excited about the new look at the next J.J. Abrams chapter in the beloved “Star Wars” franchise. That’s because these MCs have made some ill “Star Wars” references in their rhymes, showing that the force is strong with hip-hop, too.

  • Eminem On "Rhyme Or Reason"
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    "Back with the Yoda of rap, in a spasm / Your music usually has 'em / But waned for the game, your enthusiasm / It hasn't / You must, Rick Rubin, my little Padawan / A Jedi in training / Colossal brain and / Thoughts are entertaining."

  • Eminem Again 'On Rhyme Or Reason'

    "Puke Skywalker / But sound like Chewbacca when I talk / Full of such blind rage / I need a seein' eye dog."

  • Eminem Yet Again On '365'

    "You know you're spaced the f-ck out like George Lucas / When your puke is / turning to yellowish-orange mucus."

  • LL Cool J On 'Rocking With The G.O.A.T.'

    ""LL the boss, like Luke with the force / My technique's ugly, dirty like rugby / Drop jewels like Yoda / My young students love me."

  • Kanye West On 'Guilt Trip'

    "Onto the next saga / Focus on the future and let the crew knock her / Star Wars fur, yeah, I'm rockin’ Chewbacca."

  • Kanye West Again On 'Blessings (Extended Version)'

    "I get slammed with lawsuits like car doors / See 3 P.O.'s like 'Star Wars.'"

  • The Notorious B.I.G. On 'Hypnotize'

    "Take they clothes off slowly / Hit 'em wit the force like Obi."

  • Talib Kweli On 'Get By'

    "We sell crack to our own out the back of our homes / We smell the musk of the dusk and the crack of the dawn / And go through episodes, too, like 'Attack of the Clones.'"

  • Busta Rhymes On 'Woo-Hah!! Got You All In Check'

    "Bo / Coming through like G.I. Joe / Star wars moving ill like Han Solo."

  • Biz Markie On 'Just Rhymin' With Biz'

    "I watched 'Star Wars' just to see Yoda / Or R2-D2 / Driving down the B.Q."

  • Big Sean On 'Celebrity'

    Hoodie over my head, Jedi, Anakin / Lookin' like a BBC, Louie V mannequin."

  • Big Sean Again On 'Celebrity'
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    "Jewelry all gold call me C-3PO / Smoke so much, I gotta see 3 P.O.s"

  • Method Man On 'Rap Phenomenon'

    "'Star Wars,' I'm Han Solo with three egos / And three charges, I gotta see three P.O.s."

  • Childish Gambino On 'Pink Toes'

    "She's dressed up in gold, C-3PO."

  • Childish Gambino Again On 'The Stand'

    "I never touched a kilo / Opposite of Al Pacino / I keep a lightsaber like I f--k around with Greedo."

  • Ludacris On 'Party No Mo''

    "My Chevy's outside and it's sitting on Kobes / I keep the hood with me like Obi-Wan Kenobi."

  • Ras Kass On 'Air 'Em Out'

    "645 coupe the same color Chewbacca is / You's a n---a everybody hate like Jar Jar Binks."

  • Nas On 'Star Wars'

    "What is beef between ghetto word-spitters for crowns? Star wars."

  • Watsky On 'Strong As An Oak'

    "I’m focusing on all the wonderful stuff with the force of Obi Wan Kenobi bro."

  • Twista On 'Cocoa Butter Kisses'

    "Know me, I'm the Obi-Wan Kenobi of the dope, see."

  • Earl Sweatshirt On 'Whoa'

    "Vagabond, had it since a Padawan."

  • Mos Def On 'Know That'

    "I strike the empire back, f--k the empire / High flying like the Millennium Falcon piloted by Han Solo / I never roll for dolo / Frontin' on me's a no-no."

  • Redman On 'Can't Wait'

    "I said I catch the A train to the left/ Smoke the choc, I set sh-t off like Boba Fett"