This Is How Fans Are Asking Austin Mahone To Prom (A Capella Songs And Pizzas Included)

They're all trying to grab the brass ring as part of MTV's Promposal Mania.

Invoices are piling up at tux rental shops. Local florists are overwhelmed with bundle orders for complementary corsages.

Prom season is officially upon us.

Yup, in a matter of weeks, high school students across the country will pack into limos, dance the night away at neighborhood function halls and snap enough photos to fill up a hard drive. And while they'll ideally tackle the aforementioned agenda with the perfect date in tow, MTV is looking to help one currently dateless prom-goer land a grade-A escort.

As part of the network's upcoming Promposal Mania stunt, which will celebrate the time-honored tradition on air and via social media next Monday and Tuesday, we're challenging you to craft the perfect Promposal (that's a Prom-specific proposal, of course) for Austin Mahone via Twitter, Instagram or Vine with the #PromposalMania hashtag. On Monday, the pop star will sort through the submissions between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. Eastern until he lands on one that speaks to him, and the Promposer in question will be gifted with a verifiable Austin Mahone prom experience. Certainly beats a pity date with the symphonic orchestra's second bassoonist, eh?

The competition's already pretty stiff, but don't be dissuaded! Below, we've collected some of our favorite invitations that fans have offered so far. Check out the tips they've provided, get inspired and be sure to toss your hat in the ring by Monday!

Get literally everyone you know to endorse you

Look to your history together

Dazzle him with an original song

Impress with an a capella tune

Give him a sweet kiss

Complete a physical challenge in his honor

Get your sentiments out quickly

Enlist the help of food

Rap while sporting a novelty prom outfit

Treat Promposal like a proposal

Commission a kitty cat