Want To Cosplay The New 'Star Wars' Characters? Here's How To Get The Look

These are the clothes you're looking for. *jedi handwave*

Now that we've had a little less than a week to process the beautiful majesty that is the new "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" trailer, we want to turn our attention the next step in modern fandom -- figuring out how to dress up like the new trio of "Star Wars" heroes in our everyday lives. I mean, can you see how cool they are?


If you're as obsessed with Rey's hip belt and Finn's awesome jacket as we are, then check out how we think you'll be able to rock those looks at next year's Star Wars Celebration.

Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac)


This look is pretty dang easy to recreate, since he's basically wearing an updated version of the X-Wing pilot costume from the original trilogy. But if you want to get a little more creative than the store-bought Halloween look, you can recreate the basic look with this pair of cotton overalls:

And this light colored vest from Saks Fifth Avenue:

Then for the belt, you might want to try something a little more heavy duty -- like this law enforcement pistol belt. It sounds scarier than it is, trust us.

The biggest difference is the helmet Isaac wears, which is much different than the original one (no more plastic mohawk, sorry nerds). You could attempt to cutdown the storebought helmet to match, or you could buy a new authentic flight helmet that's closer in shape to Poe's. Either way, you're gonna need some time and a lot of spray paint.

Finn (John Boyega)

Of course you could go the easy route like we did with Poe Dameron and get yourself a Stormtrooper costume. As with Poe, the helmet will be all wrong -- though you won't need to be wearing one anyway, right?

But Finn's casual look is also pretty simple as well; you'll need a long-sleeved black mock turtleneck and similarly colored straight-cut pants, which you can basically get anywhere. Check out this turtleneck and pants from Uniqlo, for example:

Images from Star Wars Celebration also reveal that his shoes are about the same faded brown color as his jacket -- which will be tough to recreate given how awesome it is. But this one from JGL Leather might work:

Rey (Daisy Ridley)


This is by far the trickiest outfit, but also the coolest, for sure. In the Star Wars Celebration pictures of her costume, her boots look not unlike these knitted brown ones by Bearpaw (with the buttons removed, of course):

Then working our way up, you might try these drawstring capris from Forever 21:

From there it looks like she's wearing some kind of light colored open-collared tunic underneath all the cream colored gauze, so try the Vacay Adventure from ModCloth:

Then, this tan shawl from Bluefly can go on top (if you really wanna be authentic, buy an extra pair to use as arm wraps):

Finally, a rad hip belt from Warrior Creek, for all those broken Star Destroyer parts you're going to be scavenging:

"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" hits theaters on December 18th. Are you counting down the days like we are?