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Android Or iPhone? Two Roommates Almost Killed Each Other Debating It

The fight allegedly involved too much alcohol ... and too much brand loyalty.

When the iPhone-Android rivalry means so much to you that it's destroying your friendships, it might be time to reevaluate the role your smartphone has in your life.

Take, for instance, two roommates in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who allegedly beat the snot out of each other when an argument about the two mobile platforms went very sour. Police say Jiro Mendez and Elias Ecevo were drinking in the parking lot of their apartment complex last Friday (April 10) when they became "highly intoxicated" and came to blows during an argument over whether the iPhone or Android is better, News On 6 reports.

Eventually the men stabbed each other with broken beer bottles, authorities say. Does it really matter this much whether you're chatting with iMessage or Hangouts?!

When police arrived, they found a bloody Mendez wandering around the parking lot, claiming Ecevo hit him in the head with a bottle and stole his car, according to Tulsa World. The vehicle was recovered and both men were reportedly treated at area hospitals for non-life-threatening injuries before being booked in Tulsa Jail on assault with deadly weapon complaints.

This would've never happened in 2004 during a Razr vs. Nokia brick argument.