See How 9 Artists Interpreted The New 'Star Wars' Trailer

It's a beautiful time to be a 'Star Wars' fan.

The release of a brand new "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" trailer has stirred something primal inside of the franchise's biggest fans, yielding all kinds of creative expressions as a result — from a terrific LEGO trailer to equally terrific artwork.

Take a look at some of the best art created in response to yesterday's big "Star Wars" reveals:

  1. Rey of Hope

    Faith Erin Hicks whipped up this take on Daisy Ridley's character, and said what we're all thinking: "Please be as awesome as you look."

  2. Reys For Days

    Jessica Kholinne added a Rey of her own, making it clear that we're going to be seeing a whole lot of the new "Star Wars" lead in the weeks and months to come. Nobody is complaining about this.

  3. All Rey, All The Time

    The Rey-n of awesomeness continues, with a quick sketch from Brian Fabry Dorsam.

  4. "Chewie…"

    Here's Han Solo and Chewbacca's trailer-ending moment, perfectly captured by George Folz, the artist who has set out to draw one "Star Wars" panel for every single day of 2015.

  5. "…We're Home!"

    From Caleb Sexton, another look at Han and Chewie returning from their 30+ year absence.

  6. Old Man Han

    David Hunt gives us another look at the elderly Han Solo. I want him to be my grandpa.

  7. The Empire Returns

    Legion of Potatoes, responsible for this amazing art inspired by the first "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" teaser, is back with an all-new take on the new trailer.

  8. The Force is Ajar-Jar

    Francesco Francavilla, trolling you hard with his previously released haunting take on everyone's (least) favorite Gungan, on an otherwise spectacular "Star Wars" day.

  9. The Force Takes Flight

    Another from Francavilla, this time less horrifying than Jar-Jar. Godspeed, beautiful X-Wing, as you blast off for parts unknown.

  • BONUS: No Lando? No Problem

    Cloud City's smoothest scoundrel doesn't appear to have a part in "The Force Awakens," but that doesn't mean it's a down week for Lando fans. Marvel and StarWars.com announced an all-new "Lando" series from Charles Soule and Alex Maleev yesterday, and Matthew Dow Smith took a break to whip up some Lando-inspired art, while everyone else was busy losing their minds over "Force Awakens." Just goes to show that the sweet "Star Wars" action happening right now isn't limited to the movies.

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