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Proof Nikki Deloach Should Have Been A Grunge Rocker

The 'Awkward' actress may have been part of a '90s pop group, but she looks better suited for Nirvana in a throwback pic.

Well, it's starting to smell like teen spirit around MTV.

For those whose memories of '90s pop charts are a bit foggy, "Awkward" actress Nikki Deloach, who plays Jenna Hamilton's brazen mother Lacey, spent the decade as a verifiable, bubble gum-smacking pop star. She played concerts with Britney, built an unshakable bond with JT and even left her footprints on the Mickey Mouse Club's hallowed grounds. But, along the hot pink-accented road to stardom, did she miss her true grunge calling?

In a throwback pic Nikki shared on Instagram yesterday, the typically chipper gal looks as moody as Kurt Cobain, and in the photo below, she makes a compelling case as to why she belonged on stage with Nirvana.

"Angst of the 90s on the inside, suede of the 80s on the outside," she captioned the shot. Couldn't you see it: Nikki tearing through "Lithium" on first guitar? Screaming through the "Heart-Shaped Box" bridge? Destroying the snare alongside Dave Grohl? We can only dream of what could have been...

Surprised to see such a stern side of Nikki? Tell us if the photo shocked you, and stay tuned to MTV News for updates on "Awkward" Season 5!