This Guy's Elaborate Promposal Failed In Hilariously Awkward Fashion

A teen's romantic roadsigns didn't quite get the message across.

Asking someone to prom has always been an inflated, stressful part of the high school experience — but with social media, promposals have reached a new level of anxiety, with teens constantly one-upping each other to get a bit of viral notoriety behind their bid.

So 18-year-old Daniel Pena decided to try his hand, putting up custom signs along a road from his prospective date's house which read "Alex. Will. You. Marry. LOL Jk. Go To. Prom. With Me."

Dashboard camera rolling, he picked up Alex and followed the predetermined route. The plan went off the rails immediately when he had to point out the first sign at the last moment, leading Alex to think it said "Lee" instead of her own name. After seeing the full series of signs, you could say Alex is not impressed. That's when things get REALLY uncomfortable (NSFW language):

Alex's guilty waterworks didn't subside, so Pena turned off the camera. At this point you might think this is worse than the stolen goat promposal, but dude ends up recovering nicely: When the footage returns, they've made up over milkshakes and Alex revealed she said "yes."

Of course, Pena didn't have to post the botched scheme online, but he probably knew it was funny enough to gain some traction. In the video description, he even predicts where it might land on reddit (r/cringe, obviously). Maybe the best way to ask is the plain old-fashioned route.

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