The 'Unfriended' Cast Tells Us Their Ultimate Horror Movie Deaths

They aren't short on ideas.

Asking someone how they want to die may sound like the most morbid question possible, but when you're starring in a gory slasher movie, the trailer of which features one of the main characters involuntarily shoving his hand into a blender, it seems to be a little more appropriate.

We asked the cast of "Unfriended," the slasher flick in question, how they'd choose to off themselves if they were writing themselves into their own horror movie. After seeing the movie, which features something compelling the characters to deaths even crazier than the blender nightmare in the trailer, the cast had a few ideas.

Some of the actors, like Shelley Hennig, went with the old "childhood memories turn on you terribly" trope.

"Being attacked by, like, Barney and his friends or some s--t, something just terrifying, in my opinion," she said.

Will Peltz went with a more traditional horror scenario: clowns.

As for Jacob Wysocki's horror death, well... you'll just have to watch. It's detailed, to say the least.

"Unfriended" hits theaters April 17.

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