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Fall Out Boy And Wiz Khalifa Are Getting Ready To Do Something You May Never See Again

Wiz, FOB and DJ Drama can't wait to hit the road as the 'Boys of Zummer.'

Wiz Khalifa is really excited about his upcoming "Boys of Zummer Tour" (which also features Fall Out Boy, DJ Drama and Hoodie Allen) for a couple of reasons.

"I’m looking forward to getting wasted and being in the sun,” he says during an interview with MTV News.

But in all seriousness, Khalifa, like many fans, is actually looking forward to the diverse line-up that “Boys of Zummer” offers. "I’m used to going on all hip-hop tours and headlining so it’s going to be fun to support a really great bunch of guys who already have their fan base,” he says.

While Wiz may see himself as a supporting act, Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz says it’s much more of a partnership than that.

"It’s a co-headline,” Pete explains. "This is a tour where we’re gonna be playing in front of a lot of Wiz’s fans who maybe aren’t familiar with us and that is how our band came up, earning fans, going out and winning people over.”

The guys'll be doing more than just winning fans over; they'll also be providing a genre-fusing line-up that's rarely seen.

"I don’t know the next time you’re gonna see something like this,” Patrick Stump says. "That’s a cool thing to be part of. Those are the best shows. The best tours are where 20 years from now, it’s like, ‘Wow. They got that together?’"

Since it's such a rarity, Fall Out Boy and Wiz plan on making each tour date an unpredictable one.

“You come out to this thing and you don’t know who’s gonna be on stage when or what’s going on,” Pete adds. "It’ll be different city to city and it’s a big summer show where you can put on your biggest show. Anyone who wants to experience the biggest version of this should come see it."

When "Boys of Zummer" kicks off June 10 in Camden, New Jersey, the guys hope to create much more than your average summer show. "It’ll be a very cool fan experience," guitarist Joe Trohman says.

But of course, the "Zummer" heat will play a part, right? "There’s nothing like a tour experience especially in the summer time," DJ Drama says. "This combination right here is gonna be legendary."