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Sorry, Cannes Film Festival — Red Carpet Selfies Probably Aren’t Going Away

And furthermore, they SHOULDN'T go away.

These days, taking selfies on the red carpet is all the rage -- and a great way for celebrities to connect with their fans, whether at the event they're attending or on their social media accounts. But there's one organization that wants the trend to stop: The Cannes Film Festival.

"We don't want to prohibit it, but we want to slow down the process of selfies on the steps," Cannes director Thierry Frémaux told the press at a conference revealing the festival's first round of titles. "We think it's ridiculous and grotesque and really slows things down."

“It’s always the ugliest picture of you anyway,” incoming president Pierre Lescure added.

On the one hand, I totally understand Frémaux and Lescure's predicament as people who have an event to plan -- no doubt it must be tough to wrangle everybody inside for a film screening when they'd rather be taking pictures of themselves. Have you ever been super ready to party but had to sit and wait for your friend to get the perfect selfie angle before you go? That can be frustrating, even if she does look fierce.

However, their comments go beyond annoyance over a minor scheduling inconvenience and into straight-up selfie shaming territory. Sure, some celebs like to make goofy faces with their fans... but "ridiculous," "grotesque," and "ugly" are words you use to describe the Toxic Avenger, not a beautiful movie star sticking her tongue out in front of people.

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It would be great if film screenings were exclusively about the movie everyone is coming to see, but let's be real: professional photographers attend the red carpet too, which is proof that it's more than just a fancy way of getting celebrities from one place to another. It's also about marketing and promotion for the film, which involves -- gasp! -- taking pictures of the actors who are in them.

So why not celebrate the fact that the talent is getting in on the action, too? After all, sometimes taking a selfie is the only way that a person on a red carpet gets to control exactly how they appear in the media, and that can be pretty refreshing.

But don't worry -- just because Cannes thinks selfies are gross doesn't mean anything can really be done to stop them. “We’re not going to ban selfies. We don’t have police powers,” Fremaux also told reporters. So if Michael Fassbender wants to sneak a quick pic with a co-star at the "Macbeth" screening while no one is looking, they won't get in TOO much trouble... we hope.