This Dog Is So Dejected About Its 'Lion King' Haircut: Watch

Hakuna matata, buddy.

"Just give him The Mufasa."

That's not exactly what the owners of Stains the dog told the groomer -- they asked for a "lion cut" -- but they might as well have added Mufasa's name for reference. The result? Stains received a true lion's mane hair cut and now looks like 'The Lion King' star's doppelganger. The problem? Stains seems less than stoked about his new flowing locks.

Mufasa was the majestic King of the Pride Lands, while poor Stains is sulking around the kitchen and probably developing a complex because his owner can't stop laughing at the new 'do. Check it out below:

A quick Google search shows this isn't such a rare request for a dog groomer. So don't worry, Stains, there are plenty of other canines sporting the same style.

Perhaps Stains can start a support group with this guy: